The Skills of a Perfect Security Guard

Published: 15th September 2010
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There are many of different skills that a security guard should certainly hold.

Because one of the many duties required from a security guard is to publish reports, he or she has to be an outstanding writer. Reports created while on the job are very vital because they record exactly what goes on within the location, and may be used in court to document on the particular events on a certain day

The reports should be detailed, so in addition to great writing skills, an attention to detail is a ability that's also essential. An attention to detail does not just help you write much better reports, but it may help you become a more suitable guard. While on patrol, it's your job to notice every little thing. The places in your location and if it's how they are meant to be, as well as the individuals around you and just how they all look and behave. If a problem were to occur, for example, that is going to require you to try to remember how a person looks, if you're detailed you'll be able to easily identify just what exactly that person looked like.

To expand on that, an effective memory will be beneficial. There are a lot of tasks that are expected of a security guard, and so the greater memory you've got, the easier your work will probably be. In addition, you would be able to remember people and certain occurrences that happen while on the job, that is definitely useful in court if you had to testify.

Yet another skill that a security guard will need to have is fast thinking. Often times, you will only have a matter of seconds to make a choice, so in just a few seconds you are going to have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks and make an informed decision based upon that. It can be frightening at times, especially since there are scenarios that happen where threats exist, and weapons and confrontations might happen.

Lastly, superior communication skills are needed. The guard is the liasion between the incidents that happen someplace, and the authorities or fire department. If an individual is unable to communicate, the police or fire department will have trouble understanding the situation, which may place them and others in danger. Also, communication is important because you will almost be like a customer service service-desk while at work. Some people may come to you for support, or even to describe a situation they feel you should take action on.

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